What to Expect

Yoga classes provide opportunities for individuals to have a deep relaxing experience, even if you choose a spicy class. To ensure this happens:

*Please arrive 10-15 minutes early. Classes begin and end on their scheduled time. This is important because it lays a foundation for respect of the teacher, classmates and your time.

*Once you arrive, take off your shoes and turn OFF your cell phone. You do not need your phone at any point during a lesson. (If you are on call please put on vibrate.)

*Come with an open mind. You will be asked to try new things that may prove to be exciting, challenging, relaxing and at times revealing. It’s best to show up ready for anything!

*Have fun. So many aspects of our lives require an “adult sensibility”. Why add more? Besides, we want you to continue practicing and you won’t keep doing something that isn’t pleasurable.

*We end every class with a deep rest called Savasana or Corpse Pose. It usually lasts between 5-7 minutes and is especially important to your practice. For some it will be the easiest pose, and for others it will be a challenge. Relax during this time, it is precious. Your instructor will cue when it’s time to start moving again.