Essential Yoga for Beginners (pre-registration open)

April 25th-June 13th Book Online

Thursdays 5:30-6:45 PM

To reserve your spot, or to give as a gift for someone you love, call or book online:

Investment $125

Nathalie Dubois Photography

Nathalie Dubois Photography

Essential Yoga Series

8 Week Beginners Course:

Designed for those who want to deepen their understanding of Yoga as  a healing art.  Philosophy, breathing techniques, anatomy and alignment will be the primary focus.  Additionally you will learn how to create a home practice that you can commit to.  This is a private 8 week course and pre-registration is required; no drop-ins. 

In this course we will explore:

Standing &

Sitting Postures



Investment: $125

Includes mat, props,  and 

reading material


1010 Porter Avenue



$30 Book Now

$35 day of event

Cacao Ceremony and Sound Bath with Zach Jenkins

Friday, April 19th 7-8:30 PM

The spirit of Cacao opens and connects the heart space. It is in this space that we meet for a gentle journey guided by the soundscapes of guitar and gong. Sharing intention, we collectively drink the cacao prepared from exquisite beans grown in Ecuador and traditionally processed by hand. This high quality cacao assists in the journey as we lie back into a relaxed and comfortable position. Cacao and sound weave together as a guide on this meditative journey inward. There is no prior knowledge required, just bring an open heart and a personal intention. 

Rise Up, Drop Back: A Backbending Workshop 
with T.Q. Sims

Saturday, May 4th 11:30-1:30 PM

Investment: $35 Book Online


Do you cringe a little when your yoga teacher mentions “opening your heart,” because you know what’s coming: backbends and more backbends? This Level 1.5-2 workshop is going to demystify backbending. Sure, we might talk a little about opening the heart, but really lets talk about the hips, core stability, and spinal extension! Let’s work progressively and intelligently through not just poses but skills and drills that can enhance our experience of backbends. Let’s work to strengthen and mobilize our bodies to let go of fear and find new ways of deepening our backbending practice! This workshop will focus primarily on form and function, incorporating alignment with a little bit of flow at the beginning to warm us up. We will be working towards progress in drop backs into wheel pose from kneeling and standing. These poses aren’t required, but we will progress towards them, cultivating skill where you meet your edge.